Ready to welcome the oils into your life and home?

You can shop one of two ways:

Option 1: Purchase the oils at retail value

For this option, you can simply head over to my doTERRA page and click on SHOP. You’ll be taken to an online store, where you can choose items and add them to your shopping cart.

Option 2: Join our doTERRA team and shop at WHOLESALE prices (saving 25%) – RECOMMENDED OPTION

This is by far the preferred way to buy the oils. You not only save 25%, but you get ongoing support from me and our team as you learn all about how to use the oils.

To join our team:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on Join & Save
  3. Select your language and country
  4. Select local OTG order
  5. Choose Wellness Advocate if you want the opportunity to earn commission, and have the most benefits or Wholesale Customer if you only want to use oils
  6. Fill in details and doTERRA enroller ID and sponsor ID – this is me: 4977375 (this should be pre-filled for you)
  7. Choose your kit (this is the best way to save and get bonus oils) or choose $35 and add the products you want into your cart by typing their names in.
  8. Add your payment details and you’re done!

Once you join, I will send you a welcome email, and you’ll be ready to join our team. I’ll also be in touch to help you learn all about how to use the oils to help you heal yourself and your family. Congratulations and welcome!