Thank you for seeking out more information to help you care for yourself and your family.

My family and I have been working on our health for a long time now – and I see this as something we will always make a priority.

We started by removing toxins from our home by making our own cleaning products. This saved us so much money – that I then used for buying more natural body and makeup products.

I was introduced to doTERRA by my mentor, Elena Brower. I have followed her for many years, practicing her yoga classes from my loungeroom floor. When she started sharing these oils, I was intrigued and signed up.

They are now incorporated throughout my entire day, from the water with lemon I drink in the morning to the scent I wear during the day. I go to sleep at night with them in my diffuser and on the soles of my feet. All of my cleaning products are made with the oils, and I use the various products for my body and skincare.

I have grown to lean on them – but mainly, they offer such support to my everyday life. The emotional support of these essential oils is truly wonderful.

For my family, the oils have brought us increased immune support, and have given me a way to support my family’s health from my kitchen bench. I feel so empowered knowing that I can look after my family in this way. Naturally.

My little boy has grown up with these oils – I only wish that I had found them when he was a newborn! But as a preschooler, he knows that rolling a special blend on his feet before bed, will help him sleep. And that a roller on his back will help him when sick.

And you?

What can these oils do for you?

Come find out.