School Days Oil Routine

We are a bit of a stickler for routines in this house. I like to call them ‘rhythms’. They are the basis of how we move, how we progress through the day.

We have a morning rhythm and an evening rhythm. These are made of several routines: like waking up, eating breakfast, getting ready or winding down, eating dinner and relaxing.

And we have many oil rhythms. I use many oils, many times a day. This varies a lot – and is based on what my body and mind (and soul) needs at any particular moment. And of course, what my family needs.

To create a rhythm, we start with a goal. For the days Ollie goes to school – I have a couple of goals.

  • I want to support Ollie’s body as much as possible to stay strong and healthy – so when he does go to school, he is ready to fight off any of those school germs and bugs
  • And lastly, I want a really calm end of the day, to really unwind and be ready to rest

Once I know my goals, I choose oils that will help support us to reach these goals.

To do this, I have previously researched in my aromatherapy books, or other resources. I also just lean on my team and mentor who provide a lot of really wonderful suggestions on these.

For the goals above, I have chosen:

  • To start the day with a blend of Frankincense, Tangerine and Sandalwood. These are a wonderful selection of oils that help to boost the mood and enliven our souls as we enter a new day. Frankincense is referred to as the ‘king of oils’ because he really does it all – including supporting our bodies to be healthy.
  • Before Ollie goes to school, he has a quick swipe of a roller on his spine and the bottoms of his feet. This can either be OnGuard, Stronger or a diluted DDR Prime blend.
  • In the afternoons, before I go to pick up Ollie from school – I get the diffuser going again with either OnGuard or Stronger. Both of these are wonderful immune system supporting oils. And I know that once I bring Ollie home, and he washes his hands and settles on the couch for a snack and a glass of water, his body is being supported as we come home together.
  • Later, once we start the evening wind-down – after dinner – I change out the diffuser again. This time, I choose Lavender, Frankincense and Bergamot. I find this really ground us all and really helps just calm everyone down. This keeps running into the evening and carries us all off to bed.
The Stronger blend from doTERRA.

All of these practices are so simple, and probably take me no longer than 15mins a day to complete. But what I really love about them is the empowerment they bring me. I love that I can help support my family in this way. That I can choose from these tools and then care for them like this. Using Mama Nature in this way is incredibly empowering as a Mama.

How does this feel to you? Would you like to be able to care for your family in this way? I’m here to help you. You can email me personally at and I will help you find your way.

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